Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love Letters: Volume II

In the first installment, I told you how I met my wife. How we stumbled across each other on two different occasions on the same day. It was fun and sweet and set us up for the long haul. The foundation had been laid but now it was time for the next step. It was tie to initiate our next interaction. It was time to make the call.

You know what I’m talking about- the call. That next step of reaching out and testing the waters. But let me tell you what DIDN'T happen: There was no “Hey, I want to see you again. Can we go out?” No, that’s bogus and painfully ordinary. Sorry, just couldn't do it. In fact, if that was the requirement for the conversation, she may not have received a call (I’m just saying). Thankfully, for both parties involved, my standards are higher. I distinctly recall it being either the Tuesday or Wednesday after I walked her back to her dorm. I know it wasn't Monday. Monday would have been too early. She needed time to pine and consult with friends and whatnot. The anticipation is key.

For me, our next interaction had to be non-threatening, casual and unassuming. I did wanted to see her again but I had no intentions of bolstering her already inflated head or give her the wrong impression about long term expectations- I’m not that kind of guy. So, what’s the angle? I called her and asked if she was busy, which she wasn't- surprisingly enough. I told her that I needed some help with getting my groceries from the car back to my dorm room. Yes, Groceries. I’m so serious. You don’t think twice about it, but it gets the job done. Everyone eats and most college students cannot afford to go out every night (Potatoes and Ramen were my favs!)

In all actuality, it was a rather honest request. The trek from parking lot 13T to Holly A was a hike. The University of South Florida campus is a 1,748 acre beautiful behemoth, shown in the map below:

Here’s a closer view of the route in question:

So, for all tense and purposes, it wasn't unfathomable that I could use some help getting my groceries from point A to point B. So, I waited at the car for her. It was a White 1985 Chevy Camaro with a fiber glass hood. Loved that car! Since it was such a distance away, I could see her walking over for quite a while. She was wearing a baby blue velour tracksuit with matching sneakers.  I’m not going to lie... she was fine and still is. When she finally met me at the car, she saw fit to comment. “I didn't know we drove these kind of cars”, she smirked. Her car reference was in regards to older, non antique sport cars and by “we”, she was referring to black people. My reply was simple and to the point “We don’t… I do”. She laughed it off and asked what she could assist with. I promptly picked up all the bags but the one holding the bread and a few other random and intentionally light items.

The purpose was not to have her labor but to invite her to my place. Mission Accomplished. We walked the half a mile from the parking lot to Holly A 204A. After we put the groceries away, we talked and ended up physically play fighting/flirting- like the old school playground sparring that let you know that the girl liked you. Well, in 1st grade, you just thought she was mean and had cooties but… with age comes wisdom. She later told me that is how she knew I was a decent guy because I didn't "make any moves" on her. Well, of course not... I'm a gentleman, woman. 

On Friday, she called me said a group of here roommates were going out Saturday night. She asked if I wanted to come; I said yes. That "Group" Outting turned into our first date was the night of our first kiss. I tell you about that next time... One Word: EPIC.

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