Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love Letters: Volume II

In the first installment, I told you how I met my wife. How we stumbled across each other on two different occasions on the same day. It was fun and sweet and set us up for the long haul. The foundation had been laid but now it was time for the next step. It was tie to initiate our next interaction. It was time to make the call.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Love Letters: The Beginning

I married my college sweetheart. We were one of the few couples from college who made it and there was a time when we both thought it was over. This story is one of love. It started off as your standard passionately toxic, chaotic, rebellious, head-over-heels, “I can’t live without ‘em”, hopelessly romantic love but has evolved into a deeply rooted, maturing, enriching, 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love. This will chronicle that journey.

These Love Letters of mine are in dedication to my wife; Samantha Sophia. This will serve as a reminder of how we started, what we have overcome and where we are headed. But there is one main reason for writing this: my wife is both brilliant and absentminded. Her memory is atrocious; like, no joke- really, really bad. I begin to reminisce about a particular time or event and I find her staring at me- both blankly and intensely, as if I’m telling her a fantastical fictional story for the first time. (No, seriously… no recollection whatsoever- UNLESS, I did something wrong; then, in that case, it’s seared in, time stamped and filed in her brain accordingly for reference). It's important to know the entire story, for the sake of context. So, where to start?

For me, the only place worth starting is at the beginning.