Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome to the Man Cave!

This portion of writing space is merely my manly venting session since the only other dude in my household is barely potty trained (And I mean barely- He's a destroyer of fine sheets!). I know, usually the Man Cave is an actual location where large screen TV’s abound and it carries the ever-so-slight scent of man stench. However, due to our recent move to Orange County, CA from Florida; that ambitious project is on hiatus! Baby steps, people. Consider this a mixture of my personal Soapbox and Barbershop for all things manly- Sports, Cars, Action Movies, and satirical view of Pop Culture. This will also be the landing spot for everything else I can't cleanly label elsewhere, so reader beware.

I know you’re wondering… Just how many times can manly be said, used or referenced in one, small corner of the Internet? 

NO CLUE, but we’re about to find out!

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